Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I want to know how Seth "Svelte" Rogan did it!

I was on Towleroad or some other blog and saw pictures of "Svelte Rogan" and seriously, I need to know what he was doing. He was in this tight(ish) red hoodie and I just couldn't believe m eyes. I mean this guy was big, I'm picturing him in "Knocked Up," and now he's this slender smaller version of himself. Damn. Good for him, but how'd he do it?



Anyway, things are going OK for me. I haven't taken measurements recently or jumped on the scale in the last two weeks but people keep commenting. And I like that!

Last month I had the opportunity of working with someone I worked with back in 2005 (my !st job out of school, the one I was laid off from) and we hadn't seen each other since. I saw her at call in the morning and then at the end of the day I was turning in my start paperwork and we were catching up and she just blurts out of nowhere; "Holy Shit! What have you been doing? You look Great. You look so healthy. What the fuck?"

I just laughed for a sec and smiled. I told her the deal, how I've been working at it for a while. That the job change helped and of course finally committing. It felt so fucking good. I was beaming on the inside.

Last week I went to a movie with my best friend and her brother, we hadn't seen each other in a couple weeks, and the first words he said were; "Every time I see you there is a little less to see."
Then she adds, "You look skinny." I brushed it off, but it felt good to hear from them. I mean, skinny? I'm 6'0" and 220. I wouldn't exactly say skinny, but i know what she was getting at.

And the same thing keeps happening every time I run into people I haven't seen for a bit. It is definitely motivation to keep going. Keep eating right (the vegetarian thing is totally working out and not nearly as difficult as people think. Plus, its better for the planet) and I am working out @ least 5 times per week, and mixing it up.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can see the finish line, and that it is actually within reach.
So now I have a new goal. This time I am putting a date on it so that I have a way to monitor my progress and target to shoot for. I would like to be down to 205 lbs. by August 15, 09. That is 4 months to lose 15 lbs; very reasonable.

Yep. It's on now. And I am going to make it happen.
now I just get some updated stats to go off of.


P.S. Thanks to JUST JARED & JEWSSIP for the images.