Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Quick Update

It’s already September. WTFuck? 2010 is just flying on by. Only four months left until New Year’s Day and by that time I would really like to have achieved my fitness goals (3 years from the start of this here blog). That means: I am at a healthy weight (I am basically there) and there is no more flab or sagging skin; it will all be taught and nice. Oh, and also to have a healthy amount of muscle and definition. Of course I would also like to make sure that my cholesterol, blood pressure, and other vitals are in a good range. I think four months is doable.

Since I last checked in (July 2010) I’ve continued to shed some weight and to shrink. The changes are small, but I am enthusiastic and elated by any change in the right direction whatsoever. Here is the updated progress chart:

That’s right 185 pounds! Never in a million years did I actually think I would see that number on my scale. Words cannot express how overjoyed and gratified I am. It makes me smile.

What have I been doing to keep the weight loss going? I eat pretty fucking healthy to start. Healthy fats (nuts, avocados, olive oil, etc), tons of veggies and fruits, whole grains and take some vitamin/supplements and a vegan protein powder. I work out at least 5 times per week (cardio, swim, weights) and am generally active at work (constantly moving and carrying heavy gear), which helps. I still eat some sweets (Uncle Eddie’s Vegan cookies are AMAZING!) and will never give up my chips and salsa (NEVER!), but I manage to fit them into my overall diet in a way where they aren’t additional calories at the end of the day or will counteract my progress. When I swim I average 1500-2000 meters (0.93 – 1.25 miles) and will gradually increase that number to 2500 meters over the next month or two. What is really great is how integrated my healthy diet and my exercise are into my daily life. Both have become second nature. That is a major turning point in the battle if you ask me. One of the first sentences I wrote in the first post of this blog was that this was not some New Year’s resolution

I just keep on pushing forward. I’ve got my eyes on the prize and I’m not stopping now.