Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Story and Emotion and Sex: Is this Actually Porn?

I stumbled upon a video from Naked Sword over the weekend and I have not been able to stop thinking about it. And while posting links to pornographic content is not really what I do, i have a reason. See, most doctors agree that there are some basic needs all humans have. We need sustenance, sleep, exercise, and sex (there could be one or two more), and this is just my way of making sure that at least one of those needs is fulfilled (masturbation counts as exercise).

It's not every day that a porn has you thinking about it days after you've watched it and gotten off. It is reminiscent of SHORTBUS (Paul Cameron Mitchel's fantastic second feature film that also had lots of non simulated sex) and of TALES OF THE CITY (or even kind of UNDRESSED,you know the MTV show).

Anyway, it's called I WANT YOUR LOVE and the two actors (Brendan and Jesse) are adorable. The amazing thing is this isn't your average porn; the really inventive ones that are churned out every 5 minutes. The ones that always follow the formula: Locker room + dude 1+ dude 2 + dropped towel = fucking. Instead these characters are best friends who are just hanging out and talking and drinking wine and just happen to hook up with each other. I think most gay men can relate.

SO DAMN CUTE! It makes you smile and then you come. What's not to love?


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