Thursday, June 16, 2011

Status Update: Mid-year check-in

Oh dear. It has been a long time since I managed to update this blog and an even longer time since I have done any sort of status update. Here’s the deal:

I feel like I am basically in “Maintenance Mode” these days. I have been steadily hovering around the same weight since January (between 176 and 180 pounds). And as far as measurements go, there has been little change; just a couple halves of inches here and there. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am certainly happy to be where I am. Amazed and proud. However, I really amped up my gym routines in prep for a big event (I will go into much more detail in my next post) and was expecting to lean down quite a bit. 

Here's the updated chart:

On the flip side I have seen the changes in my body and in the way my clothes fit. I can see muscle definition in areas there was never definition before. My arms, my legs, my torso, and even my back (which actually used to have a layer of fat that I always found odd) are all more “cut.” Last time I saw my dad he made a comment, his usual type, about how lean I was. And, add to this that my roommate’s boyfriend (a personal trainer at a fancy gym) keeps commenting on how “skinny” (yes, I still cringe at that word) I am or how good I look, makes me fairly confident that the proof may not actually be in the numbers. I am thinking that I am actually replacing fat with muscle, that the muscle I am building is taking up the same space the fat was, and when I take my measurements, that is why they are essentially the same/unchanged.

Here’s to continuing on the path toward even better health and the pursuit of a body I am not ashamed of.


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