Monday, February 11, 2008

It Sucks Being Fat

Just two of the many things that bother me about being fat: man boobs and pubis fat. I guess I am just lucky, I must have great genes, and my body is so awesome, that I carry some excess weight in my breasts (man boobs, apparently also known as “moobs”) and in the pubis (sometimes referred to as a pubic mound). What does this all mean?

Man boobs are just not fun. Guys do not have breasts they have pecs. They do not have fleshy, floppy, squishy, bouncy, fat breasts. They are emasculating; they constantly make me feel like less of a man. They make finding clothes difficult, and also choosing what to wear on a daily basis a chore. They make me feel like when I first meet someone that is the first thing they notice; that they are all people can focus on when they see me. I feel like people automatically judge me based on my breasts. In essence they are a huge part of my self-consciousness and lack of self-esteem. Every time I get dressed or shower, every time I look in a mirror, so many times throughout each day, I am reminded that I have a pair of breasts. As I have been overweight nearly my entire life I have had to deal with the teasing and the worrying and the anguish of having a pair of man boobs. If nothing else, I cannot wait to be rid of my man boobs in the near future.

What has been really interesting to me is that I recently came across a website (manBoobs) that is all about love and appreciation of the man boob. At first I was taken aback, “really, you people LOVE your man boobs?” I thought. Then I got a laugh out of it and scrolled through a couple pages of pictures. But what I think is going on is that many people are using it as a sort of coping mechanism. By posting pictures, and getting compliments on your fantastic moobs, it takes away a bit of the sting and the angst one might have. Finding a place where you are accepted can make you feel good about yourself again. However, is that a good or bad thing? Are you then being enabled? Are the commenters enablers? Is it possibly deterring people from getting healthy because they feel accepted? I’m not sure.

The other thing that sucks is this mound of fat that sits right on top of my pubic region. It’s like this little bump that protrudes outward and manages to surround and crowd the penis. So what is so bad about that?

This fat pad can, in some cases, engulf the penis, effectively hiding it. It makes the penis seem smaller than it is, both while flaccid and erect. Basically the fat surrounds the penis and buries the base of it, much like a post dug into the ground. The more fat that accumulates, the less penis there seems to be. It is annoying looking down and seeing this mound, bumping out, disguising the penis, causing doubt about the actual size, and just looking plain awkward and ugly.

These are the two main issues I have with my body. They are annoyances on a daily basis, but I know that if I keep working the weight will be shed and these nuisances will be gone. Fingers crossed.

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