Tuesday, January 8, 2008

And so it begins . . .

Today is the day that I finally start this blog (obviously, since this is the first post). After months of thinking about it, creating and designing the layout, putting it off and procrastinating like no other, the day is here. January 8, 2008. Wow. Here goes nothing.

The goal: To lose weight. I know, pretty basic, pretty common. But it is a simple goal that I have been working toward for many years.

What constitutes success? There is no set goal weight, but there is a range that I have come to find as appropriate for my build. Achieving a healthy body fat percentage, and maintaining it; feeling good about how I look.

This blog is intended to be a way for me to track my progress. A place I can post updates and links to pages I find useful in my venture. A place I can continue to visit the rest of my life to be reminded of what it took, how I felt, where I struggled and how I got past the obstacles that stood in the way of my success. Where I can record the sad, the funny, the embarrassing, and the triumphant stories of my journey.

I also hope that there are people who stumble across this blog and find that they are not the only overweight gay on the face of the planet like they are led to believe. I hope to connect and chat with people who have the same goal, or hell, any goal that they are struggling with. A place where we can be each others’ cheering section and show support.

Today I start this journey. You are more than welcome to come along.


P.S. This was not a New Years resolution that will be dropped by January 15. This is a New Life resolution. This is a long-term commitment.

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