Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Weekly Wrap-Up

Okay, so Week 1 is over. I unfortunately did not get around to updating like I had planned, which means that I am struggling to get out all the posts I have piled up in my mind.

This past week I did my best to switch over to eating as much 100% organic food as possible. I really believe that the pesticides, hormones and other crap that makes it into non-organic foods are detrimental to overall body heath. Instead of the name brand fruit juice, whose second ingredient is high fructose corn syrup (avoid this @ all costs!!!), I grabbed some organic juice, the kind that has no chemicals or sugars added.

Same with the milk and the dairy, mainly yogurt and cheese, The cereal, the poultry, fresh veggies, the whole shebang. Not exactly an easy thing to do. I don’t know how many times I opened the fridge and reached for the sugar water, I mean “juice,” and caught myself. It really is a conscious effort but I am trying to be as disciplined as possible. This also meant paying more attention to what I am putting into my body, working on portion size and making healthy choices. Needless to say there were some slips, but they were minor and I did not dwell on them.

I also kicked up the frequency of my workouts. It started with some snowboarding for a day. Not exactly the same as an hour on the treadmill, but over the course of an entire day you really get an overall body workout. Then I did a HELL of a lot of walking. In 3 days I racked up 20 miles. Lucky for me I had two friends call and ask if I wanted to join them for a walk. What is great is that it totally spiced up the usual walking w/ the iPod in my ears deal, and I got to spend some quality time with some good friends. To finish out the week I took a day off, then did some elliptical trainer, and took one more day off.

Overall I am feeling pretty good. I was definitely sore after the three days of walking, but I did give myself a chance to rest, which I know is important and getting burnt out is a big part of the reason many people give up on their weight loss goals.

Here’s to keeping it up for Week 2.


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