Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weekly Wrap-Up: Week 2

Another week gone. They really do fly by so fast. I started the week really strong. I worked out for at least an hour Monday through Thursday. That had me feeling pretty good. I forget why I didn’t work out Friday. I know I intended to but for some reason never ended up actually doing it. That was kinda lame on my part. Saturday I worked, and Sunday was football playoff games and some other stuff getting in the way. Overall, not too bad, but I did lose my steam toward the end of the week.

On the food front I had some good moments and some bad ones. One night, I had a dinner to go to. That afternoon I looked up the nutrition facts for the restaurant, and found the best choice for me to have. That night at dinner I managed to order that dish, eat a sensible portion, and leave the restaurant feeling like I had won a small battle. Restaurants these days can be so misleading, sometimes even the vegetable dishes are full of fat. I am definitely going to keep on checking out menus and nutrition guides online before going out to dinner.

However, another night I went to a small get together at a friends and there were party foods, some healthy some not so much, and I did my best to make smart choices, sticking mostly to the veggies and fruit and as little of the bad stuff as possible. At the end of the night they broke out the delicious cupcakes from LA’s most famous cupcake bakery. There was no way I could resist. What the hell? I had one. It was good. And I am not going to deny myself every little pleasure only to end up over indulging later.

I would have to say that on the whole, this week was just marginal. I did a decent job of eating healthily and exercising. I managed to shed one pound (not sure that it isn't just normal fluctuation or actual loss). I am going to try and really put my best foot forward this coming week and try my best to move forward, full steam ahead.


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